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What We Do

We build bridges between students and education

Ambition Guru Nepal Pvt. Ltd.' is an AI-driven ed-tech platform that guides learners to be the best at anything they desire. We aspire and motivate students of any age group in every possible way to achieve their innate potential. We strive to create a pedagogical structure that provides students with a comprehensive and accessible learning experience online.


Together we
are strong

Our team is always getting bigger, but we all work toward one goal: to make education not only possible but inevitable for students everywhere.

Our main vision is to be Nepal’s #1 most affordable and accessible education platform to support learners in achieving their ambitions. We are here not only for students or learners but also for teachers or mentors or gurus who want or like to teach by training and providing them with all the necessary tools and resources. We aim to make learning more student-centric and engaging through the introduction of our learning app “Ambition Guru Nepal Pvt. Ltd. ” which will help them better develop their critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. This contributes to a boost in their academic performance and their overall development through the inculcation of lifelong skills.



Democratize education by providing accessible interest-based learning.



Empower individuals to learn what they want in their own unique way.



Inclusivity, affordability, creativity, and focus on individual needs.

With The Best And Experience Mentors

Ambition Guru's audio courses and live classes offer flexible and personalized learning opportunities for students of all levels and backgrounds.

Audio Course

Pre-recorded lectures and lessons available for listening at any time. Students can learn at their own pace and according to their individual schedules. Ideal for those who prefer to learn through listening

Live Class

Real-time interaction between students and instructors via Zoom calls. Students can ask questions, participate in discussions, and receive instant feedback on their work.

experience mentor

What We Focus ?

We mainly focus on three things when any learners join our family


Content Delivery

Unlock your potential with content that is designed to empower your academic success

We Deliver High-quality audio and video content with valuable information that is easy to access and understand.


Continuous Assessment

Assess, Access, and Reassess to master in learning.

We assess the learners' understandability of our content. We want our student not only to learn but to understand the core of what we are trying to deliver.

customized learning

Personalized Learning Path

You are Unique, and so is your learning style.

We develop custom tailored learning course based on our observations and interpretations of students participation.