EPS TOPIK Practice - Online Mock Test with Ambition Guru

EPS TOPIK Practice - Online Mock Test with Ambition Guru

EPS TOPIK Practice - Online Mock Test with Ambition Guru

Practice EPS TOPIK online with Ambition Guru. We offer different courses designed for your specific needs. From Basic to advanced, Ambition Guru has got you covered for the EPS TOPIK UBT test.

Practice from 100 model sets and be confident in your EPS TOPIK UBT Test. 

Ambition Guru offers three packages for language classes that will fulfill the different needs of the students. From basic to advanced and exam special Packages, we have got you covered with the Ambition Guru App. The packages include: 

  1. Korean Basic Package: Designed for beginners, this package offers an introduction to the Korean language. Through live classes conducted daily from 7-8 pm, our experienced instructors will guide you through the Korean alphabet and basic grammar. Additionally, you'll have access to the EPS TOPIK book, complete with audio conversations for improved understanding and pronunciation.

  2. EPS TOPIK Model Set Package: Practice online with over 100 mock tests included in this package. Led by our expert instructor, Khem Khatiwada, each set comprises 40 questions (20 reading, 20 listening) and solution videos, providing invaluable practice opportunities to familiarize yourself with the exam format and refine your test-taking strategies.

  3. EPS TOPIK Commando Package: For intensive preparation focused on the 2024 EPS TOPIK exam, the Commando Package is your go-to choice. If you have filled out the EPS TOPIK Form 2023, this package is for you. Led by Hari Kisan Neupane, this specialized package offers over 25 mock tests designed to simulate exam conditions. Special classes and advanced strategies ensure you're fully prepared to tackle the UBT test.

Meet Our Gurus

Behind Ambition Guru's success are our dedicated instructors committed to your success:

  • Khem Khatiwada: 

With the basics of Korean letters and grammar, Khem sir provides insights into model set solutions and ensures you have a good understanding of fundamental concepts and test-taking strategies.

  • Hari Kisan Neupane:

Leading the Commando Class, Hari sir will provide you with advanced techniques and pronunciation skills crucial for excelling in the EPS TOPIK exam.

Why Choose Ambition Guru?

Here's how we can help you prepare for the UBT Test:

Live Classes: Learn exclusively from expert instructors in an interactive environment, ask questions in real-time, clear doubts, and revisit it anytime with on-demand recordings.

Recorded Videos by expert instructors: Learn from engaging, passionate instructors who break down complex concepts into bite-sized pieces.

100% Coverage (from basic to advanced): The Ambition Guru has got you covered from basic to advanced. 

Practice with over 60 model sets: Put your knowledge to the test with mock tests for each chapter and detailed feedback to identify areas for improvement. 

Downloadable Notes: Downloadable notes of each chapter are also included for your better understanding of the subject matter. 

24/7 support: Get your questions answered and stay motivated with our ‘Ask’ feature dedicated to Student support.

Effective Exam Strategies: Learn proven strategies and techniques to tackle exam questions with confidence and accuracy.

Accessible Learning: Enjoy the flexibility of accessing course materials and recorded classes anytime, anywhere through our user-friendly e-learning app.

Special Courses: Take advantage of the special courses where the instructors will give dedicated classes for the 2024 UBT EPS TOPIK exam. 


Course Curriculum 

No. of Videos

No. of Notes

Mock test 


Korean Basic Grammar




Korean language learning day (1st - 10th)

Korean grammar 

Grammar tests exams 

कोरियन लिपी

वाक्यका प्रकारहरु 





Chapter Wise Book



chapter wise book 


Korean to Nepali Book



Eps Topik Korean to Nepali Book

Thokhak Korean Basic Grammar 


Zero to Hero Basic Book 




Zero to Hero Basic Book 


पाठ शब्द अर्थ 




शब्द अर्थ 


EPS TOPIK Korean Book I (Unit 1-30)




1-5 unit

6-15 unit

Unit 16-25


Exam Model Question Collection 


EPS TOPIK Korean Book II (Unit 31-60)





शब्द अर्थ र उच्चारण EPS TOPIK



EPS Topik Whole Book




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