How does Ambition Guru prepare you for an entrance exam?

How does Ambition Guru prepare you for an entrance exam?

“A thousand mile journey begins with a single step.” 

Yet, the success of this voyage is determined by how skillfully you take the initial step. Hence, it’s important for you to start out your preparation for entrance exams on a powerful note.

Here are some effective tips that can help you prepare well for the eventual test ahead and perform to the best of your ability.

  • Familiarize yourself with the Exam. Familiarity means comfort and, therefore, confidence. The more you understand what to expect the more comfortable you will be. And for that, there is a single solution: Practice.  To be able to crack tough nuts like MBBS, IOE, CMAT, BDS, etc., you should know the ins and outs of the exam. Understanding the examination, the pattern of the question paper, the syllabus, and the level of difficulty can stand you in good stead. It will not only prepare you for the eventual test up ahead but will also play a crucial role in helping you implement effective strategies to handle the exam well.

With Ambition Guru’s mock tests, You will get easy access to online mock test modules. These online mock tests will enable you to assess the time that you will take on average to answer each question, understand the type of questions, and help understand the overall layout of the exam.

  • Time management is key. It’s rightly said that time and tide waits for none. Those that understand the worth of time, manage to stand apart from the crowd. Effective time management plays a pivotal role in improving productivity. It helps tasks seem less intimidating and keeps you organized. Managing some time helps build self-confidence, helps set priorities, and reduces stress. 

All the mock tests you’ll be taking will help you in time management. You will understand how to complete the entrance exam in the required time and be accustomed to the exam pattern.

  • Understand the Concepts. A good command of the topic is necessary to master the exam. You need to have a deep understanding of the topic and a thorough theoretical aspect. Conceptual clarity helps learn things easily and retain information for a long period of time. Any race is half won if you clearly understand the fundamentals and concepts of the race. Therefore, it is advisable to understand the concepts beforehand.

  • Create a routine for yourself. Creating a routine and following it not only helps you manage your pace but also keeps you organized. It further reduces pressure during examinations. Timetables help prepare better and manage time effectively. Build a timetable or a study schedule to gauge the time needed to prepare for the entrance exam.

  • Practice makes perfect. As the saying goes, it’s all about practice. A simple mantra to succeed in any competitive exam is Practice, Practice, and More Practice! It will help you grasp your subject, the tricks, and techniques which in turn will improve your chances to crack it. Since childhood, we have become habitual to the traditional method of examination, where we used to practice writing in speed to complete the question paper on time. Give multiple mock tests to become familiar with the entrance exam pattern; it will also help you understand how to complete the paper within the required deadline and master the process. Remember it’s not rational to do experiments on the day of your examination!

  • During the exam – Make sure you are calm and relaxed when answering, however difficult the paper may sound. Answer the questions that seem the easiest first. This gives you some confidence and helps you solve the more difficult ones. Don’t get stuck on any one question. Move on and return later to answer that tough question. The wise thing would be, to maneuver sequentially and choose wisely. Avoid the hit and try the method, pick those questions on which you’ve got full confidence. Remember the motive isn't to resolve all the questions rather it’s the selection of questions that will be a game-changer. Don't get caught up in one question, keep going forward and you can always return to those questions later.

For some students, taking an entrance exam is a new and somewhat bewildering experience. They don’t know what to expect and aren’t certain of the skills and strategies that will enable them to perform at their best as the information too is not dependable. Finding a credible source is extremely important for the student because we shouldn’t be studying  from  questionable sources. Therefore, checking on the author, reviews of the article, and also the number of users is vital.  There are many online entrance preparation sources but choosing the right platform according to your need and budget is very crucial.

Nepalese students are believed to spend a plenty of time and money to search for the correct source to get started with preparation. Ambition Guru solves this problem as all contents are revised, reviewed & recommended by experts. Develop your learning curve with Ambition Guru and achieve your dream from within your comfort. You can easily register and access mock test questions, lecture notes, Lecture videos and much more. This can be the most effective thing you'll be able to do to undergo a perfect  entrance preparation, study effectively, Study smart. Grab the benefit of this modern technological world.


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