NEB Grade 12 Management: Preparation Course in Nepal

NEB Grade 12 Management: Preparation Course in Nepal

NEB Class 12 Management: Preparation Course in Nepal

The Ten Plus Two (+2) program is a 2 year Higher Secondary education in Nepal after SEE. NEB is a National Examination Board responsible for carrying out the board exam for Plus 2 in Nepal.  NEB is the equivalent of a High school education in Nepal. 

According to The Kathmandu Post, approximately 90% of students opt for the +2 program, indicating its widespread popularity among Nepalese students. The remaining 10% of students pursue alternative educational paths such as the Cambridge School Certificate of Education (CSBE), Advanced Levels (A levels), or the International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma program. The +2 program offers various streams, catering to diverse academic interests and career aspirations.

Curricular offerings
The +2 program provides a range of academic streams, allowing students to specialize in areas of their interest. These streams typically include Science, Management, Humanities, and Education, among others. Each stream encompasses a specific set of subjects tailored to provide comprehensive knowledge and skill development.

Examination System:

NEB administers board examinations at the end of the +2 program to assess students' academic achievements. These examinations hold considerable importance, as they serve as a benchmark for student’s educational progression and will help students decide on their future studies and careers. 

Prepare for the 2080/81 NEB Exam 

The +2 program, plays a pivotal role in shaping the educational landscape of Nepal, offering students a platform to pursue their academic and career aspirations. With its diverse streams and comprehensive curriculum, the program equips graduates with the necessary knowledge to pursue their future careers. However, statistics reveal a concerning trend: 49.09% of students who appeared in the NEB 12 exam scored less than 1.61, essentially categorizing them as "Non-Graded." 

It is evident that additional support and resources are crucial for students appearing in the NEB Class 12 exams. This is where Ambition Guru can be a valuable asset that will assist you in preparing for the 2080/81 NEB Exam. Join Ambition Guru’s online preparation course for the NEB class 12 Management course. 

Why choose Ambition Guru?

Here's how we can help you prepare for the class 12 board exam: 

Live Classes: Learn exclusively from expert instructors in an interactive environment, ask questions in real-time, clear doubts, and revisit it anytime with on-demand recordings.

Recorded videos by expert instructors: Learn from engaging, passionate instructors who break down complex concepts into bite-sized pieces.

100% Syllabus Coverage: The Ambition Guru App will cover all the TU Syllabus.

Practice with model sets: Put your knowledge to the test with model questions for each chapter and detailed feedback to identify areas for improvement. 

Past question sets: Get a collection of all the past question paper and their solutions. 

Notes: Notes for each chapter are also included for your better understanding of the subject matter. 

24/7 support: Get your questions answered and stay motivated with our ‘Ask’ feature dedicated to student support.

Effective Exam Strategies: Learn proven strategies and techniques to tackle exam questions with confidence and precision.

Accessible Learning: Enjoy the flexibility of accessing course materials and recorded classes anytime, anywhere through our user-friendly e-learning app.

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