Prepare for Master of Business Studies (MBS) with Ambition Guru

Prepare for Master of Business Studies (MBS) with Ambition Guru

Prepare for Master of Business Studies (MBS) with Ambition Guru 

MBS or Master of Business Studies, is a 2-year graduate program in Nepal. The curriculum of an MBS program is often perceived as less demanding than an MBA's. The affordability and the less demanding curriculum of MBS programs make it an attractive option for many students seeking graduate-level programs in management. More than 150 colleges in Nepal offer MBS programs with TU affiliation  


Eligibility criteria serve as the threshold for entry into the esteemed MBS program. The students who want to enroll in the MBS program must have completed a four-year Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) program or possess a bachelor's degree in any other discipline of management. Additionally, to enroll in an MBS program in Nepal, students must take a CMAT (Common Management Admission Test). This admission test stands as a mandatory requirement for prospective students aiming to enroll in master's programs in the management field throughout Nepal. The candidates must score 40% or more to get into the master's program. 

The test is taken in 5 sections, each containing 20 questions. The test structure is as follows:


Weighted Marks 

Verbal Ability 


Quantitative Ability 


Logical Reasoning 


General Awareness 


Business and Economic


Career, Scope, and Job Prospects

The MBS is a Master's program that offers a gateway to diverse professions in Nepal. The MBS graduates can have very lucrative careers working as managers, financial officers, administrators, etc., in any industry like hospitals, corporate houses, banks, etc. MBS graduates are often sought after for top-level management positions due to their comprehensive study of business economics, finance, management, and leadership. These skills are required to lead organizations effectively, make strategic decisions, and navigate complex business environments. This is why MBS graduates are particularly desirable candidates for executive roles within companies and organizations.

MBS Curriculum

MBS 1st Semester 



MKT 511

Marketing Management 

ECO 521

Managerial Economics

MSC 514

Statistical Methods 

MGT 515 

Organizational Behavior 

MGT 519

Managerial Communication 

MBS 2nd Semester 



ACC 517 

Management Accountancy 

FIN 510

Financial Management 

MGT 513

Human Resource Management 

MGT 518

Business Environment in Nepal

MSC 517

Production and Operation Management 

MBS 3rd Semester 



ACC 519

Accounting for Financial and Managerial Decision and Control 

MSC 521 

Research Methodology 

MGT 522 

International Business 

MGT 524


Specialization Course
Students can choose from any one of the specialization subjects: 



FIN 687

Financial Derivatives and Market 

FIN 688

Corporate Finance 

ACC 685 

Corporate Taxation 

ACC 686

Cost Management 

MGT 687

Recent Trends in Management 

MGT 688

Organizational Theory

MKT 691

Advertising and Promotion Management 

MKT 692

Rural Marketing 

MBS 4th Semester 



MGT 523

Strategic Management 

Specialization Course
Students can choose from any two of the specialization subjects: 



FIN 685

Financial Markets and Institutions 

FIN 686

International Financial Management 

FIN 689

Investment Management 

FIN 690

Insurance: Theory and Practice

FIN 691

Commercial Bank Management: Theory and Practice 

MKT 685 

Consumer Behavior 

MKT 686

International Marketing 

MKT 687

Brand Management 

MKT 688

Sales Management 

MKT 689

Retail Management 

MKT 690

Service Marketing 

ACC 687

Contemporary Auditing 

ACC 688

Accounting Theory and Financial Reporting 

ACC 689

Management Control Systems 

ACC 690

Balance Scorecard: A Tool for Performance Measurement 

MGT 685

Organizational Development and Change

MGT 686

Quality Management 

MGT 689

Performance Management 

MGT 690

Leadership and Communication 

MGT 525 


Prepare for the 2081 MBS exam with Ambition Guru

The Master of Business Studies (MBS) program is often perceived to be less demanding than its MBA counterpart. However, this misconception can lead students to underestimate the program's challenges, resulting in last-minute struggles and suboptimal performance.

At Ambition Guru, we understand the complex nature of MBS and the importance of proper preparation and guidance needed to pass the MBS exam. Ambition Guru’s comprehensive resources and guidance will help students overcome obstacles and succeed in the MBS examination.

Why choose Ambition Guru?

Here's how we can help you prepare for the MBS

Live Classes: Learn exclusively from expert instructors in an interactive environment, ask questions in real-time, clear doubts, and revisit it anytime with on-demand recordings.

Recorded videos by expert instructors: Learn from engaging, passionate instructors who break down complex concepts into bite-sized pieces.

100% Syllabus Coverage: The Ambition Guru App will cover all the TU Syllabus.

Practice with model sets: Put your knowledge to the test with mock tests for each chapter and detailed feedback to identify areas for improvement. 

Downloadable Notes: Downloadable notes for each chapter are also included for your better understanding of the subject matter. 

24/7 support: Get your questions answered and stay motivated with our ‘Ask’ feature dedicated to student support.

Effective Exam Strategies: Learn proven strategies and techniques to tackle exam questions with confidence and precision.

Accessible Learning: Enjoy the flexibility of accessing course materials and recorded classes anytime, anywhere through our user-friendly e-learning app.

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