Ambition Guru Mock Test

Mock Test

Take a free online mock test and assess your knowledge. Our platform offers a wide range of mock tests in various subjects to help you prepare for exams or improve your skills. Get detailed feedback and track your progress to boost your confidence and achieve your goals.

Mock Test

Crafted by teachers, experts, and technicians, mock tests are an effective
way to gauge the level of your knowledge and understanding.

ai based mock test

AI based Mock Test

Ambition.Guru’s AI-based platform designs mock tests based on students’ learning abilities and performance.

live exam

Live Exam

Simulate Real Examination scenarios with Ambition Guru’s Live Exam sessions scheduled as per your requirements.


Compete Yourself

You can track your progress and compete with other students in Ambition Guru. Ambition Guru motivates you to do better.

personalized result

Personalized Result

Student gets results based on their performance, progress, & capability. You’ll be informed on areas that need improvement.


30k+ Question

With thousands of questions to work on, Ambition Guru enhances your learning experience by covering all aspects of the syllabus.